BAJÍO (pronounced bah-hee-oh)

is Spanish for the shallows—that special part of the ocean which lies between the dry land and the deep blue. It’s the connection zone, teeming with life. The ocean’s nursery, where countless sea creatures are born and raised.

This is the world in which we live and strive to protect—it’s our passion and our namesake.


Bajío is on a mission to renew our oceans by revitalizing the saltwater flats that nurture new life. Research, educate, empower, inspire, advocate—for the future of our fisheries and the next generation of anglers.

Thoughtfully designed

For all day comfort.

fish finders

See more. Catch more.


The Bajío Odyssey itinerary includes a five year plan to visit four saltwater flats locations every year, one per quarter, each with its own unique needs and challenges. Each year will focus on a different oceanic area.

Odyssey CREW

Jesse Colten

Jesse has a head start, and everyone else could care less. That comes with a couple of years down in permit town. 

Piper Nunn

Piper is a sleeper in more ways than one. Maybe if she had an eye patch or a wooden leg you’d see the pirate coming before she runs you through.


Close your eyes, grab a handful of soul and throw it in the air. Now wait… Listen for the laugh-snort. Here comes Heather.


Crack that egg and the comedian comes out. Eeland rolls into breakfast with his tech tee hoody on to hide the earbuds. But he’s not fooling us, we can see them when he turns his head. 

Fishing with jay

Jay Johnson wants to plug you in and make sure you’re connected. And he wants to do it without Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In fact, the power source he’s wanting to tap is a deep love for the outdoors and fishing. 

Episode #1

We have our bus. We have our boat. And we have Mr. J. Rockfish on board to steer the ship. But before we can hit the road, we’ve got some work to do.

Episode #2

The bus is looking fly on the inside. Jay’s discovered his inner carpenter. New seats, new solar power, a quite elegant maple countertop and bar.

Episode #3

When we first got the word that a panga was the boat we wanted, we searched online and found what looked like the perfect prospect.


We’re going to miss Solace, the people, the energy, and all the free advice! Jay’s been working night and day literally GRINDING.


You pull up in an old yellow short bus and nobody thinks you’re a punk. That’s Jay’s vibe too. People love him. He’s a humble school bus.


Jay had worked his tail off on the panga. Put his heart and soul in it. Inhaled quite a bit of fiberglass dust. Marg’s washer at home was clogged with white powder residue of the effort.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"Bajio lenses cut out all of the glare from the surface of the water, allowing me to fish all day in sunny conditions without any eye strain!"
— Justin Cooper- MLF Pro Circuit
Customer reviews
"My ears would always ache after long days on the water in other sunglass brands, but my Bajio Swash shades are extremely light and comfortable. These sunglasses make it easier to see fish and structure in the water and block out the blue light that the fireball in the sky produces. I also love the variety of frame and lens colors that Bajio offers. Comfortable, functional, fashionable and eco friendly - Bajio sunglasses son las mejores."
— Kelly Groce
Customer reviews
"I've never changed sunglass brands in over 10 years and I made the switch to Bajio not that long ago. After being on the water the last couple times I am very happy with these sunglasses. The clarity and comfort of these glasses are awesome. I'm currently wearing the Bales Beach with the green mirror and they work perfect for my inshore fishing here in the Tampa Bay area. I'm so happy with these I'm going to get a 2nd pair."
— Capt. Jesse Wright
Customer reviews
"The pair that never leaves my boat are my drum lenses. These lenses are great all day but really great during early morning takeoff & cloudy days when there are low light conditions. Great for sight fishing too!"
— James Watson- MLF Bass Pro Tour