Close your eyes, grab a handful of soul and throw it in the air. Now wait… Listen for the laugh-snort. Here comes Heather.

There is no malice in Heather’s vocabulary. Just peace, love and the sound of backing screaming like a pissed-off younger sister. You could kick her dog in front of her, and ten minutes later she’d be your friend again. Of course, she’s going to steal your shoes while you’re sleeping, so there’s that.

Heather is the Golden Child. Even Steven. The social butterfly that flutters through the fly fishing realm like a chocolate bar through a baby shower. Nothing goes wrong and everything is ire’, even when the whip comes down.

But don’t confuse earned credits with a gimme. Spend your youth chasing world records in the cockpit of some of the best saltwater guides in the world, and you can judge her social following. Until then, just thank her for paving the way for fishing, the female youth, and handmade fruit plates.

Just remember this, with her friendship comes trust. So don’t get all weirded out or excited because it’s 10 AM and she’s wanting to use you for a pillow. There is no ulterior motive here. Just softness and fluff.

Maybe if you’d lose a little weight, she’d find another spot to crash. Until then, just suffer through the morning. She’ll eventually wake up and want to go fishing.

August 10, 2021 — Captains & Cowboys