Plastic Is Fantastic, But Glass Lasts

Plastic lenses come from fossil fuels that impact our environment. Glass lenses are the clearest and most scratch resistant, and glass can be recycled endlessly.

Glass on glass on glass on glass, lenses don’t wanna ever pass. Dig it, for those of you that didn’t know, one of the reasons the majority of anglers purchase glass lenses for their Bajío sunglasses is that glass is the clearest and most scratch resistant of all lens components. It’s also eternally recyclable.

Yup. Endless recycling without losing any of its qualities. In fact, if we were to recycle all the glass ever made, we’d never need to mine any more sand. And that’s important because sand mining in the Caribbean is impacting some of our favorite fisheries.

While we also make polycarbonate lenses, glass is definitely the favored option of the sunglasses we sell at Bajío. We know you run hard, play rough and need to see everything in front of you with extreme clarity, but that’s not our only focus. We build our products with sustainability and a minimal footprint in mind, which is why all our sunglasses are sustainably sourced and recyclable.

Like our frames, which are produced using the castor plant instead of the typical nylon you see in most sunglass brands. Nylon comes from fossil fuels and takes a lot longer to biodegrade than castor-based bio resins. About 500 years longer.

If your Bajíos blow off your head and land in the water when running, we know they’ll eventually break down into normal elements. All the byproducts of manufacturing our lenses and frames get recycled at the factory as well, so they can also live on and hopefully limit the destruction on our environments.

And the castor plant that we use to make our frames grows in super arid climates where a lot of other crops can’t. That makes them super important to the economics of the communities where it’s grown. We love that we can have a positive impact on those communities.

Bajío offers 7 lens colors in both glass and plastic, so no matter where you fish or explore, we’ve got the clear solution to your fishing needs. Here are some of our Pros favorite glass lens colors.

“The majority of my fishing is sight fishing or spotting fish or bait, so I need a lens that penetrates deep into the shallow water column and has a lot of contrast so I can see movement over mottled bottom,” said Captain Ed Zyak of Jensen Beach, FL. “They’re marketed as low light or sight fishing lenses, but I wear them all day and have zero eye fatigue.”

Violet mirror lenses excel in low light conditions and for all sight fishing conditions because they have the highest polarization efficiency (93%) of any low light lens on the market. Yellow on the side you look through and violet mirror on the outside, the film is sandwiched between two layers of glass to prevent scratching.

For offshore fishing in South Florida waters, Bajío Pro Benny Ortiz loves the blue mirror glass lens. Ortiz specializes in slow pitch jigging over reefs and wrecks.

“My go-to lens offshore is blue mirror glass, said Ortiz. I fish in a lot of high, intense, unforgiving sun. The grey base and blue light blocking mellows everything out which helps me focus on clearly seeing my electronics and whatever is lurking on the horizon.” 

All Bajío lenses feature our patent pending LAPIS™ technology that blocks 95% of harsh blue light for superior eye protection and clarity. Blue light from the sun bouncing off the water or the boat deck creates haze, and blocking it creates radically clear lenses.

All Bajío products are made from scratch; designed and assembled in New Smyrna Beach, FL by people who believe in their work and take quality personally.