Kayla Lockhart

The Sunflower Emerges

Fashion and funk meet passion and spunk

Kayla is a “Hold my beer” sunflower with a badass roll cast and perfect teeth. If you could bottle stoke, find a magnum and pour out the Kayla because she’s all-in, as the “sure” comes out of her mouth long before the question has time to bounce around in her cocoanut. 

Not that the question really matters. 

“Want to dirt bike down into the gorge on the train tracks?” “Should we swallow the scorpion in that glass of tequila?” “Let’s get a tat.” 

She’s Pacific northwest pure with a cup of strong black coffee and the world’s largest collection of hats. But don’t let the Dudley Do-Right brim and Cheshire pearlies throw you off, she’s humped more gear into remote wilderness streams and estuaries than a squad of overzealous marines, and if there’s someone who’s going to feed the camp with her double haul, my money is on her unless someone suggests she pet a rattlesnake. 

Kayla is to fly fishing fashion what The Rock is to skinny jeans. She emerges from a tent in a khaki jumpsuit, red bandana and her signature round hat but you won’t know, because she’s dipping her pony tails into the water and airing out her cast long before you’ve cracked the crust off your eyes and peeked at the time on your phone. 

There’s a tendency to think she’s the queen of blind luck because the fish of the day always comes her way, but don’t confuse luck with effort, determination and grit just because a pretty girl is posing with a beauty. That fish was earned mentally, physically and spiritually long before it kicked off to freedom to tell the others about the alien that stuck a finger in its butt. 

On the ride out, that signature round hat will peel back and flap so when she smiles it looks like a happy sunflower fell into your boat. Just know, that’s the worst you’re going to get out of her, because sooner or later she’s going to win the day with freakish epic awesomeness, funk-daddy soul and an effortless loop. Tequila shots and fist bumps are optional.

April 14, 2022 — Jonathan Riff