If you’re really on the move you’ve probably ruined some gear, because some adventures aren’t fun while they’re happening. Great stories are often celebrated around the campfire, but rarely in the moment. 

We want you to get wet, go swamp the gheenoe when the weatherman’s wrong. Go
take one over the stern setting anchor in a following sea. If you want to get on the fish,
you’ll have to pay the piper.

But there’s one thing we don’t want you to do. Lose the keys to the truck, the device that
could save your life, or the flies you spent all winter tying. We want you to keep these
treasures dry, so that’s why we made a IPX-6+ waterproof backpack with welded

For a limited time purchase any Wet Wade Performance Backpack and we’ll throw in
our favorite gadget, the Hands-free Bajío can koozie. Designed to keep your drink cold
while you fish, fight, poll, and point. We know you need your hands, and often a cold
sip. So cheers to your new bag and swag.

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