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Bajio Frames

Our products are made from materials that exist close to home and that we know very well. Our frames are made from coconuts, and our lenses are glass and made from sand. Nothing could be more organic or natural then that, this product is taken straight from the flats themselves.

Coconut Frames

Our frames are made of plant-based material, so they are 100 percent compostable, bio-degradable, and recyclable. The primary plant we use is the husk of coconuts. This material is usually discarded during the coconut harvesting process however, we have been able to salvage it and put it to good use.

The result is a material that’s as strong and durable as plastic but does no harm.

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We have developed a new glass lens for our sunglasses. It’s called Paradise. Paradise has the latest in technologyand provides a visual experience that is worthy of its name.

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