BAJIO LAPIS™ Lens Technology

You hear a lot of talk these days about the harmful effects of blue light. And rightly so. Computer screens, smart phones and LED lights are big producers, and we all log a lot of time in front of them everyday.

But it’s not the little screens that pose the biggest threat. It’s that giant yellow globe in the sky. The sun produces more blue light than any other source. And for those of us who spend more time on the water than on the couch, that’s something to note.

All Bajío sunglasses have LAPIS™ lens technology which blocks blue light when you’re in the sun, keeping your eyes fresh and your vision clear. Fresh eyes for a rich life.


Choosing a Lens

Bajío lenses come in 4 mirror colors, blue, green, silver and pink. Blue is dark and best for intense sun. Pink is the lightest and best for low light conditions. Green and silver are our most versatile and great all-around lenses for inshore and river fishing.


Trevally is our darkest lens. It’s perfect for fishing in the deep blue on the brightest days.


PERMIT is perfect on the flats for spotting elusive ghosts against the sandy bottoms and coral reefs.


Cuda is our mid-range lens. It’s great for seeing all kinds of fish, including those beasts with big teeth.


Drum is great for spotting fish on tree covered rivers and lakes and on days when the sun peaks in and out.


Less Glare. Less Hassle.

Bajio lenses are polarized. They cut out the glare and allow you see how amazing our waters really are.

As a finishing touch Bajío lenses get a slippery oleophobic coating on both sides that makes suntan lotion and water easy to remove.