Buy a pair of Bajío sunglasses and get a FREE gift that benefits our oceans.

*Your FREE Trucker hat will be added to your order automatically at our distribution center.

At Bajíoour goal is to protect and restore the planet’s saltwater flats (bajíos). From creating sunglasses with bio-based frames to using recycled packaging, each decision we make supports that quest. Every Bajío purchase makes a positive impact on the flats by helping fund our beach cleanups, coral planting and more. But by banding together with other like-minded brands, we can make a much bigger impact. Because we know we’re stronger together, Bajío is creating a collective of sustainable, cause-based partners to make a difference—starting this holiday season!

For a limited time, receive a FREE Tarpon MANG Trucker Hat ($30 value) when you purchase a pair of Bajío sunglasses and MANG will plant one mangrove tree to help restore fish habitat and combat carbon emissions. Inspired the silver king, the Tarpon MANG Trucker Hat is structured and pre-curved to provide a perfectly snug fit without sacrificing durability. The breathable mesh back and adjustable snap allow you to stay cool and comfortable no matter the conditions.

For Every FREE Trucker Hat gifted by Bajío, MANG will plant one mangrove tree to help restore fish habitat and combat carbon emissions.

Why Plant Mangroves?

Mangroves provide habitat for all fish, crustacean and bird species. They are also the #1 carbon sequestration tree in the world—locking down and providing carbon to our nearshore and offshore environments. Mangroves act as a buffer between land and sea protecting the land against storm surges, boat wakes, and natural disasters. They also hold sediment in place, preventing soil erosion and creating cleaner water ways. These special trees also provide nutrients through falling of leaves and branches (detritus), the start of the food web in our oceans. Mangroves are a keystone species, without which, our coasts would suffer.

MANG’s On A Mission

MANG is an environmental apparel brand that plants a mangrove for every product sold. Buy One. Plant One. is their M.O. MANG's Buy One. Plant One. commitment ensures that for every product MANG sells, the company will propagate, grow and plant a mangrove in the name of its supporters. MANG wants to show each of their customers how the physical act of planting a mangrove gives back to our coastlines and community.

MANG cultivates and grows mangroves in their West Palm Beach backyard, hosting community planting events for all ages to enjoy and learn more about mangrove ecosystems and how important they are for the local economy.