We are Bajío

An independent sunglass brand motivated by a profound connection to the water and a drive to inspire positive change. Through our radically clear lenses and plant-based frames you can join our vision to harness the power of purpose. Grab a pair to see the world (and more fish) in a new light.

BAJÍO (pronounced bah-hee-oh)

is Spanish for the shallows—that special part of the ocean which lies between the dry land and the deep blue. It’s the connection zone, teeming with life. The ocean’s nursery, where countless sea creatures are born and raised.

This is the world in which we live and strive to protect—it’s our passion and our namesake.


Bajío is on a mission to renew our oceans by revitalizing the saltwater flats that nurture new life. Research, educate, empower, inspire, advocate—for the future of our fisheries and the next generation of anglers.

Thoughtfully designed

For all day comfort.

fish finders

See more. Catch more.


Jay Johnson wants to plug you in and make sure you're connected. And he wants to do it without Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In fact, the power source he's wanting to tap is a deep love for the outdoors and fishing.


Follow the adventures of the Bajío crew.