Ready to discover your hidden power?

Bajío Reading Sunglasses. Created for anglers who love our radically clear lenses for fish spotting and have yet to dive into full prescription sunglasses, but could use a bit more power to focus on the finer details like tying on flies and untangling wind knots, Bajío Readers offer the best of both worlds.

No more switching back and forth between drugstore readers and your favorite fishing shades out on the water. One pair does it all. Providing a built-in lined bifocal on the back of the lens (that’s nearly undetectable from the front), you’ll appreciate the extra power, and all they’ll see is your accuracy and fishing prowess.

While improving your focus and reducing glare and haze, our lightweight bio-based readers block 95% of bad blue light with our polarized, proprietary LAPIS lens technology. Magnify your visual experience with Bajío Readers—soon to become the most important tool in your box.

Built to order, Bajío Readers are fully customizable with the following options to choose from:

  • Polycarbonate lens options include Green Mirror, Blue Mirror, Rose Mirror & Gray.
  • Magnification powers include +1.50, +2.00 & +2.50.
  • Available online only for $229.