Always free to enter, never easy to win.

We’re a fishing brand, that means salt, fresh, fly, spin, if it swims we want you to see it. It's not about what you fish for or how you do it, EVERBODY EATS, and this summer Bajío is tossing up big prizes.

We’re hosting a contest that includes all kinds of fish that can be found all across the country ALL SUMMER LONG. Compete for your shot to win Bajío shades and more.

How It Works: Once a week for 12+ weeks we'll announce a specific fish. You've got to go catch them in just seven days. The rules will change but the goal will be the same. Whoever wins each weekly challenge will get sunglasses and gear from our partners. Better get going! #bajiosummersprint

How To Sign Up: Click the link below and create a free Fishing Chaos account. Follow the rules and submit your catches to enter the race!