Catch a Red Snapper - Win Bajíos

Catch 5 Snapper - Win Some New Shades

It’s the week we’ve all been waiting for. Our online summer tournament is going out with a bang.

ARS or American Red Snapper are some of the most highly regulated fish in our waters. In the South Atlantic fishery (Home of Bajío HQ) they were deemed “overfished” by a 2021 stock assessment. Due to this, recreational anglers get just a few days a year to get in on the action.

Hopefully, with some science, honest fishermen, and new tools like venting and ascending devices we’ll see a healthy population sometime in the 2030s and get ourselves a few more days or even weeks to pursue these tasty critters.

This week only - Submit the five longest red snapper and you’ll win $250 in gear from Toadfish Outfitters and a pair of Bajío Sunglasses.

Here’s how it works!

1. Go fishing! Get on your favorite natural bottom, reef, or wreck and drop down.
2. Take a photo of your catch (make sure you have “Bajío” somewhere written in the photo)
3. Submit your catch: Sign up below and upload your photos!