Tech-packed frames built to see more fish.

Flex hinges, vents, and side shields, all designed with fish in mind.

Looking cool is a luxury we all enjoy, but holding a PB in front of the camera is something enjoyed by few. Often it's by those anglers on the chase, the ones that have been silently grinding away, dinging up props, and getting skunked, all on the quest to find that one fish. We designed 4 frames ranging from small to extra-large for that group of tail chasers. We call it the “Tech Angler” collection. Meet the frames below.

Bales Beach

We owe this frame everything. This has been our bestseller since day one. Fish hate this frame, it compromised their homes, separated families, and exposed their sneaky avenues of transport. This was the original Tech Angler frame built around our vented side shield technology, blocking more light while increasing ventilation. The result: Less fog. More fish.

Las Rocas

This is the biggest frame we make; it's also packed with features. With extra-large lenses, ergo rubber temple tips, and non-slip nose pads, this XL frame will wrap your face and refuse to fall off it. Hold on to that leader and focus on your wraps, these shades aren’t going anywhere but in your cart.


This is Bales Beach’s little brother, and it's loaded with all the same game-changing features. Named after one of the most technical fish in the sea, permit (aka Palometa), this frame was BUILT TO FISH. When seeing another 10 feet further, or 1 second sooner is the difference between spook and set, you’ll want these on your face pairing with our patent pending LAPIS™ lenses.


This new for ‘24 performance frame fits small faces and finds big fish. Named after a deep-water trench that connects Lake Pontchartrain to the gulf, if these are on your head you’re looking for that one fish. The one that's been gorging all summer, the one that's seen most every bait, the one you’re gonna trick to eat a feather and some fur. For big tech features packed in a lightweight, plant-based frame, check out Rigolets.