Two New Frames - Battle Tested By Bajío

Made from metal, made for the water. Bajíos metal lineup just doubled in size.

Metal shades have a long history in combat, but somehow tricked into fishing. The only difference is our battlefields are oceans, lakes, rivers, and flats and we’re fighting for bites, tournament wins, and Instagram hero shots. Wherever the dogfight goes down, we want to make sure you’ve got the shades to make it though.


This frame is your classic aviator, with a rounded frame and patent pending LAPIS™ lenses. Made for the pilot, the captain, the one calling the shots and running the show.


Square corners land this design in the navigator category. Battle-tested frames made for the co-pilot. Reading maps, gauges, and instruments to ensure the mission runs smoothly.


Named after our HQ - Battle command. Where our employee's kids carry out missions like “catch-minnow” and “locate snake.” This small frame has big potential.


German U-boats sank so many ships in the early 1940’s the U.S. had to create another way to move goods. The army corps of Engineers created an inland highway for marine traffic, dubbed the ICW. While dredging this Intercoastal Waterway they had to dump the sand somewhere, creating spoil islands that weren’t there before. Locally referred to as the clinkers, Clink is named after the spoil islands that parallel the ICW in Mosquito Lagoon. A by-product of the canal we needed to win the Second World War.