Bajío Sunglasses

5 Reasons You Need Bajío Readers

Bajío’s radically clear polarized, blue light blocking sunglasses are available in readers! Here are 5 reasons why you need to try Bajío Sunglass Readers:

#1 - You want the best of both worlds.

The power to focus on the little details AND the big picture. Bajío Readers allow you to see things up close and far away—from the words of your favorite novel to a sailboat at sunset on the horizon.

#2 - You need one pair to do it all.

No more switching back and forth between drugstore readers and your favorite polarized shades. The multiple glasses dance is done when you simply have one.

#3 - You prefer hidden power to being a bifocal advertisement.

Enjoy magnification without broadcasting “bifocals” to the world. Bajío’s built in lined bifocals are located behind the lens and are virtually undetectable from the front. 

#4 - You like to look & feel good.

Look amazing in Bajío’s fashionable frame style while giving your vision a boost with more power and giving your eyes a break from glare and haze with blue light-blocking technology. Transition from boat to bar in readers that look and act like your favorite sunglasses (but with bonus magnification when you need to read the bill).

#5 - You love special attention.

Bajío Readers are custom made just for you. They are built to order and fully customizable from frame style and lens color to magnification power.