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Kid wrangling. Lunch packing. Lullaby singing. Class chaperoning. Laundry slaying. Soccer coaching. Doctor appointment making. Knot untangling. Organic grocery getting. Detail dialing. Homework helping. Bill paying. Nightly tuck ins. Birthday party planning. Boo boo fixing. Plus Wonder Womaning at work.

For all she does—give Mom her well-deserved moment in the sun and a sweet new pair of shades to enjoy it in. Whether she’s an avid angler, timeless traditionalist, or a full on fashionista, she’ll appreciate Bajío’s stylish shades that look just as good as they feel—both on and off the water. 


For the messy bun Mum who looks good without even trying 

This classic sunglass silhouette gets a Bajío upgrade with stronger and lighter weight eco-friendly frames and polarized lenses with proprietary LAPIS™ technology—reducing glare and protecting her eyes from harmful blue light. She’ll enjoy fresh eyes after full days in the sunshine with Calda.


For the badass Mama ready to conquer the world 

Authentic, secure and confident. Sound like someone you know? These shades look good and perform great. Bajío’s squared-off navigator silhouette is mom’s accessory of choice for kicking ass and taking names. Of course, Snipes is equally well-suited for staring down the setting sun at the end of a day well done. 


For the fashion forward Mom

Style points go to the gal in the Paraiso! Not only are these hip shades modern with an old school vibe, they offer crystal-clear, optimized optics and superior sun protection from harmful blue and yellow light and UV rays. Look as great as you feel at day’s end in Paraiso. 


For the modern day classic Mother 

Part of our Metal Collection, this enduring style speaks to gals who appreciate classic good looks and time-tested functionality. Soldado features top-tier hinges and finishes in addition to Bajío’s signature blue light blocking, polarized lenses with proprietary LAPIS™ technology. 

Balam Coral Reef

For the ocean-loving enviro-Mama

Fishable fashion meets Bajío’s passion in the Limited Edition Balam Coral Reef. Featuring full coverage, 8-base, tortoise-leopard frames and turquoise arms adorned with hand-painted Sea Fan Coral, for each pair purchased, Bajío will plant one coral colony to help restore a reef.


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