12 South - A frame out of your league

A large frame named after a dangerous stretch.

There’s a road - straight, flat, and protected only by the dunes it cuts through. A canyon in the sand, often impassable, always at the mercy of the heavy-handed Atlantic Ocean. This road washes away, bridges are built, moved, disassembled, and destroyed, but 12 South prevails as the only way in and out of the Outer Banks.

Before the Outer Banks became a Sunday-to-Sunday rental road trip for East Coast executives and their families it was unsuitable for those unfit.

It was where Black Beard set his roots, blockading the Ocracoke Inlet and extorting money for passage. It was where he sank ships, buried treasure, and ultimately died battling the Royal Navy in 1718.

200 years later, it was the same stretch of the Atlantic that earned the nickname “Torpedo Junction” after 397 ships had been sunk or damaged by German U-boats.

It's the unruly nature of this barrier island that caught our attention, and earned our respect. We named our newest frame after the road that parallels this strip of coast, and it’s not for everyone.

This large fit, medium wrap is for that waterman ready to back down a bluefin amidst a fleet of German submarines; the surfer getting barreled beneath Cat 3 skies; the modern-day pirates of the Pamlico Sound looting only bait balls and burying only circle hooks.

12 South collection

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