Bajío Sunglasses

Hazy Dayzzz

It’s 4-20! Cut through the haze and enhance your vision in our radically clear Green Mirror lenses with proprietary LAPIS™ technology. Made for bright light conditions, our second darkest lens lets in the good light and blocks out the bad. These stealthy lenses not only protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, they also hide droopy lids and eyerolls–a must on this celebratory day


A large fit, high coverage, full wrap wide body style with a bold, squared design.


A full-wrap, full-featured frame with built in Sun Ledge sun blocking and style for miles.


When you don a pair of full-wrap Stiltsville shades, enjoy the best of both worlds - hardcore bonefish hunting and perpetual party going.


When the midday sun warms up the skinny water, witness these 35+ inch brutes stack up and be ready for the action in your full-wrap Toads.


Ozello is an aggressive fishing style frame with extra wide sun blocking temples for long, exposed days out in Ozello Keys - and beyond.

Las Rocas

With so much on the line, you need sunglasses that give you every available advantage. Something solid as a rock. Introducing Las Rocas (rock in Spanish).


At Bajio, we’re all about the green. Our frames are made from plants and our sunglass cases are made from cactus leather.