Bajío Sunglasses x Casey Anderson


Cuda drop

Introducing Cu-Gazi. The inaugural design in Bajío’s limited edition Artist Evolution line, this collector’s tee was created by renowned angler and tattoo artist Casey Anderson.

Gracing the garment is a ferocious Barracuda—the long, lanky gangster of the salt with machete-like teeth reputed to slice its prey in half to disable the unsuspecting victim before devouring it. These fish are lightning fast, explosive, and an absolute adrenaline rush to experience in the shallows (bajíos).

Though many anglers consider the Cuda a "Plan B" species when ultimately after Permit, Bonefish or Tarpon, the B stands for bonus in our book—if you’re lucky enough to nab one. 

For fast fishing fashion, Cu-Gazi is made to order and printed in-house (kinda old school cool, right?). 

But like the Cuda, this custom-made tee won’t stick around long. Get your limited edition Cu-Gazi before it’s gone.