Jay Johnson wants to plug you in and make sure you're connected. And he wants to do it without Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In fact, the power source he's wanting to tap is a deep love for the outdoors and fishing.


We have our bus. We have our boat. And we have Mr. J. Rockfish on board to steer the ship. But before we can hit the road, we’ve got some work to do.


The bus is looking fly on the inside. Jay’s discovered his inner carpenter. New seats, new solar power, a quite elegant maple countertop and bar. 


When we first got the word that a panga was the boat we wanted, we searched online and found what looked like the perfect prospect. 


We’re going to miss Solace, the people, the energy, and all the free advice! Jay’s been working night and day literally GRINDING. 


You pull up in an old yellow short bus and nobody thinks you’re a punk. That’s Jay’s vibe too. People love him. He’s a humble school bus. 


Jay had worked his tail off on the panga. Put his heart and soul in it. Inhaled quite a bit of fiberglass dust. Marg’s washer at home was clogged with white powder residue of the effort.


Leonida finally fishes!


With Tampa bay suffering from a tragic red tide, Court left his home waters to fish with Jay and Casey in our backyard, the flats of Indian river and mosquito lagoon.


How to tie a Drum Beater with Scotty Davis of Flymen Fishing co.


Jay and a few low country legends chase reds and talk life.


Jay made it up to the Delaware River Club to join in their annual Get Trashed event. We're hoping this video can convince a few to stop dumping and maybe even start fly fishing.


Chasing the history of fly fishing in North America, Jay makes it up to the Catskills to find out where it all started.


A special man from the Catskills, Dan Santoro is a famous tattoo artist, conservationist, and dedicated pig farmer. We let him take a brush to the bus to put up some speedy snails. Another great addition to the rig.


We researched all we could about fly fishing for grouper. Nothing came up. Normally a deep water fish, in Ozello Florida you can find gags in just a few feet of water, hiding in cracks waiting to ambush anything that swims overhead. Watch and see what we discovered.