The Rx Effect:



These are no ordinary shades. Outdoors, the sun is the largest producer of blue light which causes haze, interfere with visual clarity and can have negative health impacts . Using proprietary LAPIS™ technology Bajío prescription sunglasses block 95% of harmful blue light up to 445 NM to eliminate haze for exceptional clarity. In addition, our sunglasses block over 90% of harsh yellow light at 580 NM for enhanced color and 100% of damaging UV light. The result: Anglers can see more clearly and spot fish and submerged shapes better making for more productive fishing and less visual fatigue after long days on the water. But there’s more to our Rx sunglasses.

How Bajío’s Rx Lenses Are Different

Where typical prescription glasses are made for sitting down to read the Sunday paper, Bajío’s proprietary Rx lenses are customized for movement and all day fishing action as well as quiet moments when attention to detail truly counts. Here’s how:

Single Vision (SV) Lenses

Made for distance vision only correction, Bajío’s SV lenses utilize cutting edge digital processing technology specifically designed to provide edge to edge visual clarity, comfort and performance. In other words, anglers use the entire lens to see better.

Progressive Additional Lenses (PAL)

Made for distance vision with a small reading area in the bottom of the lens, our PAL (or no line bifocals) allow anglers to use part of the lens for distance and part of the lens for close up detail. Instead of off-the-shelf general purpose or typical sport lens design, we use cutting edge digital processing technology. Our proprietary progressive lens was custom designed and tested with world class anglers to ensure maximum field of vision while fishing streams, lakes, rivers and open ocean, with just the right amount of reading area to tie flies, check out your GPS, or dig into your tackle box.

Bajío’s SV and PAL lenses are both available in our shatterproof polycarbonate and include scratch resistance coatings. Polycarbonate lenses are up to 50% lighter and 30% thinner than standard plastic lenses, which feels like a weight has been lifted after long days on the water.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
“My new Bajío prescription sunglasses are the best pair I’ve ever owned. Spending 300+ days on the water having a comfortable frame and a superior lens for an old salt makes all the difference—from spotting fish from a distance and tying knots up close in the sun. I won’t leave the dock without them!”
— Dave Travis - Marina Owner / Operator Avid Fly & Tournament Angler Suncoast Tarpon Roundup President

How To Get Your Bajío Rx

There are two ways to order your new Bajío prescription sunglasses:

1. Find an authorized Bajío Dealer Near You

 Determine your favorite Bajío frame style and lens color. While our dealer network is growing by the day, view option 2 if you don’t find a Bajío Rx dealer near you.

2. Order Your Rx Sunglasses on the Bajío Website

Simply visit our Sunglasses Page to select your favorite frame style and color. Click the “add Rx lenses” button and follow the step by step instructions. You’ll select your lens color, then you will be asked to select SV (Single Vision) or PAL (Progressive Additional Lenses) and proceed to check out. 

Once you place your custom Rx order, you will receive an email with detailed instructions on next steps, which include providing a copy of your Rx with PD (Pupil Distance). Your PD is measured in millimeters (mm) and should be included in the written Rx provided by your eye doctor. If not, simply call your eye doctor for this information as it is part of your personal record (and required for eyeglass fabrication). 

Upon receipt of your complete Rx details, your glasses will be on their way to you in 7-10 business days.

Need help selecting your frame style and lens color? Contact Us and one of our Rx-perts will walk you through the process to better select your perfect pair of prescription Bajíos.