Made by us, named for us.

A frame from Bajío, about Bajío. Meet Tionia, our favorite country road.

Our customers are always curious as to where we make our shades. We take pride in telling them, “Right here”. Cross the bay and over the train tracks, that's where you’ll find us. We converted an old racecar garage into a sunglass manufacturing powerhouse. We knocked down walls, built new ones, and brought in world-class tooling along with a highly skilled HUMAN team (most of which used to work for another sunglass company, the one that used to be made here too).

Bajío HQ is tucked back in the woods with only one road in and out, Tionia Road. It's a shady little drive home to Bajío and others. Across the street is Eerie, he’s an expert shaper responsible for hand-crafting thousands of surfboards, he’s also the mastermind behind Nasty Strike Baits (or NSB for short). Behind him is Porta Products, a small company that redefined outboard brackets combining a jack plate and bracket in one.

Tionia Road is home to many small manufacturing businesses, innovators, and hometown hero stories. We’re honored to be the newest one on the block.

Our new frame Tionia screams raw manufacturing with its delicately crafted hypoallergenic stainless steel construction. Its small circular frame front imitates the little culdesac we all make a living on. The lenses inside her were the ones we developed here, staring into the brackish creek that parallels our little country road.

We love naming frames after exotic people and places, but we couldn’t forget the place that matters most - home.

It’s what we’re made of.

2024 Tionia Collection

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