Bajío Sunglasses

Valentine Gift Guide

 Gifts Of Love From Bajío Sunglasses

For Him - Snipes

For the handsome trendsetter

Transition easily from dawn patrol to watching the sun go down at your favorite watering hole with these large-fit squared-off aviators in the classic navigator style. Dress up or down, wear them on the town or on the water for a radically clear view of everything around you.

For Her - Rigolets

Just as the strait is small and narrow, Rigo is designed with a small fit for narrow faces (and anglers who love to tackle crazy big things). Complete with vented, sun blocking side shields and ergo rubber details in all the right places, these full wrap shades also feature our polarized, blue light blocking lenses with LAPIS™ technology for crisp, clear fish spotting vision.

For Him - Stiltsville

For the water warrior

Step onto the deck in a pair of XL frames with a full wrap and you’ll get a panoramic view of what’s taking place in the water around you. Rocking frame colors will set you apart from the crowd, while radically clear lenses allow you to see deep into the water column.

For Her - Paraiso

For the life of the party

Bright, fun and sexy, Paraiso medium-fit frames with narrow temples exude a water-loving lifestyle. Stand out dockside with colorful frames or lenses, or dial it down with more of a casual elegance for dressier evenings. Either way, you’ll love the view.

For him - Toads

For the hardcore angler

For the guy who has salt in his gills and lives for the outdoors, Toads are a large-fit frame that provides maximum protection from the wind and sun. If the second you step outside your sunglasses go on, our bio-resin frames are so light you’ll forget you have them on.

For Her - Soldado

For the sweet and sour

From suntanned beach bunny to bad girl black our medium-fit Soldado frames are a hit for any mood. Hat on, or hair flowing, these sleek teardrop style aviators will bring out your smile and set the tone for the day. Pair them up with any of seven bright lenses to match your personality.

For Him - Vega

For the pirate/rebel

Grab your board and hit the beach or roll down the dock with an edge in these wide-templed frames that hold tight to your face to block the wind and sun. Whether you’re rocking the straight brim hat or setting your beard on fire, no one knows your next move.

For Her - Eldora

For the moonlight dancer

South Beach hits the water with Eldora, a small-fit medium wrap frame for casual days on the water or chasing the afternoon bite. Slim temples for all-day comfort and larger lenses for better peripheral vision so you won’t miss a thing when you’re rocking your swing.

For Him - Wet Wade Performance Backpack

For the guy with salt in his veins

Protect your valuables in any environment with the Bajio Wet Wade Backpack with laptop sleeve and padded shoulder straps. Sand, surf, dirt and rain, all run off this IPX6+ waterproof rated backpack designed to help you hump your gear across the globe.

For Her - Crab Island Sweatshirt

For the girl who is comfortable anywhere

Whether you’re feeling crabby or need to give someone a pinch, you’ll be snug and styling with the Bajio Crab Island pullover sweatshirt featuring artwork from in-house tattooist Casey Anderson. Don’t let the pink color fool you, this hoody has a flair of its own.

For Him - Soldado RX

For the fat cat in a top hat

Whether cruising with the top down and the stereo blasting or running a channel and skipping over the waves you’ll love the feeling of freedom that comes from these low-profile aviators. Match them up with your latest prescription and you’re all set for sunny days on the water.

For Her - Nippers RX

For the rowdy chick

Post up on the sandbar or find a seat in the tower as you skip across the water in a pair of prescription medium-fit Nippers frames. Built for maximum protection from the wind and sun, but with an untamed wild style that will leave them guessing.