Early Days and Violet Ways

Purple haze isn’t all in our eyes. Not anymore. Now it’s more like purple lenses for radically clear vision. With our new violet mirror lens for low light and sight fishing conditions, purple mirror clarity is unmatched.

You can’t catch what you can’t see, and our violet glass lenses let in more good light, while blocking harmful bad light and boasting the highest polarizing efficiency of any low light lens on the market. That means you’ll have more lens clarity and contrast for spotting fish in all light conditions.

That’s not bragging, it’s science. Oh, and a crapload of days on the water doing product testing. Bajío’s patent pending LAPIS™ technology block 95% of harsh blue light, giving you radically clear vision with maximum eye protection.

It all started when Al and Marguerite, the visionary founders of Bajío Sunglasses set out to make the optimal lens for sight fishing. With a mixture of yellow and violet mirror films they could control color absorption, light transmission and contrast, so they built a handful of variations to test.

From there, it was as all about in-house product testing, aka heading to the Keys to visit Bajío Pros Shane and Rob and joining them for long days on the water. It takes weeks to get all the different light conditions, so the “quick trip” turned into a multiweek science/fishing excursion/search for the perfect rum punch.

After serious testing, they zeroed in on a single lens combination that was outperforming the others, and thus the Bajío violet mirror glass lens was born. Then came the scientific testing, production elements and more blah, blah, blah science stuff, until they had the perfect lens for chasing fish on the flats.

The result, was a glass lens which is considerably more scratch resistant than polycarbonate, with 24% light transmission, 95% harsh blue light blocking and 93% polarizing efficiency. That last fact is important because most yellow lenses block less than 65% of the glare, which is the biggest factor in low light visibility.

The new Bajío violet mirror glass lenses are violet mirror on the front, yellow mirror on the back and the best visual clarity, highest contrast lens in fishing. That means you can not only see better in low light or on overcast and rainy days, but when sight fishing in high sun. But don’t believe us, try a pair and see for yourself.

With Bajío’s new Violet mirror lenses, there’s no purple haze all in our eyes, and we definitely know if it’s day or night. But still feel free to kiss the sky.

All Bajío products are made from scratch; designed and assembled in New Smyrna Beach, FL by people who believe in their work and take quality personally.

Violet Mirror Lenses

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