Meet Eric Estrada, our Bajío ambassador of the month. He’s a true Miami native who grew up urban angling, spraying graffiti, and chasing the dream we all call fishing.

Eric always wanted to be in the fishing industry, but he took a different route. He left a life guiding to pursue color, canvas, and creation. He is now known around the world for his unique artistic expression.

Eric followed after his parents, making his own path outside of a typical 9-5. They were vocalists and his father was also a muralsit and sign painter. This explains Eric’s story, how he went from painting custom low riders and speed boats to a highly successful fish artist. You can feel the Miami in every one of his pieces, they’re truly unique, independent, and divergent from your classic “life-like” fish art. We knew we needed him on the team, and you can shop his favorites below.

Favorite Frame: Caballo
Lifestyle frame fronts with fish spotting tech.

Favorite Lens: Copper Glass
The ideal ditch fisher, great for tannic fish targeting.

Favorite Hat: Bonefish
The emperor of Biscayne Bay.

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