When it comes to packaging, why wouldn’t we use recycled paper? Using 100% recycled instead of 100% virgin fiber paper saves 100% of the trees, uses 69% less energy, uses 47% less water, and creates 39% less solid waste.

If you don't recycle paper, it goes to the landfill. The US EPA cites landfills as the single largest source of methane emissions and identified the decomposition of paper among the most significant sources of landfill methane. A potent gas with 21 times the heat-trapping power of CO2, methane is a major contributor to global climate change.

When you purchase your first pair of Bajío sunglasses, you will see they come in a beautiful box made of recycled paper along with an envelope full of recycled care cards and instructions printed with 100% natural algae-based ink—the safest ink for the planet.

Even the paper tape we use to seal our packages is 100% biodegradable. Most paper tapes feature plastic fiber threads throughout, but Bajío uses the most eco-friendly paper tapes available.