Call centers suck. So does customer service coming from a remote location or country. And we’d rather eat worms than scroll through some ambiguous phone directory of recorded options. Why can’t companies have someone on site answer the phone? Someone empowered to make a decision that actually helps you?

There’s a reason brands have call centers in foreign lands or random robotic directories--it saves them a ton of money. Handling your call directly means they have to interact with someone with a problem. They’re hoping, you’ll give up and go away. They win, you lose, and they make more money through the process.

That’s not our style. We want you to LOVE your Bajío sunglasses and wear them all the time. So if you have an issue, we’re here to help get you back into your shades ASAP.

You won’t tell others about our products unless you wear them yourselves. The same goes for our customer service. If you have a good experience, you’ll tell others. And if you have a bad experience, you’ll tell the world.

Most companies don’t want to utilize the human option because it costs a lot more. We don’tcare. That’s something we choose to do. Because we can. We’re independent. We can do what we want to do. And we choose to give people what they want.

We think it’s important that you be able to talk to a real person and get immediate answers to your problems. Good choices that you’ll think are fair. Choices that are quick and easy to implement so you can move on with your day. Some brands have all their choices made for them. Their larger companies dictate their policies. Not us. We choose choice. We allow our customers to have a voice.

We do it because we can, and because it’s the right thing to do. And because we know how we feel when we’re dismissed or left to navigate options as if problems with their products are our fault. We know what it feels like when a brand doesn’t care.

We’ll always go the extra mile to do the right thing, to engage our customers and win them over. We know quality customer service with real people at our headquarters in New Smyrna Beach, FL that have the authority to make decisions is what our community wants. It’s what we want too.

We like real people and we like to have a choice. We’re the resistance. Join us.

All Bajío products are made from scratch; designed and assembled in New Smyrna Beach, FL by people who believe in their work and take quality personally.