Not to be confused with Dos Equis (the fine Mexican lager), the Seis Equis (6X) challenges anglers to land six flats species on flies in a single day: tarpon, bonefish, permit, barracuda, jack crevalle and snook. For so many anglers, trips are planned around getting one species—it’s a permit trip, a tarpon trip or a bonefish trip. They’re so fixated on their goal that they pass up on tons of great fishing along the way. Which is crazy.

All you have to do is rig up a few different rods and when a jack, a ‘cuda or a snook swims by—cast! The guides in Xcalak were so tuned-in to targeting permit that they automatically headed for their spot in the morning. When they understood that we were after more than permit, their eyes widened and they took us to perfect spots for each of the species. They were able to share all of their fishing knowledge, not just their permit expertise.

The challenge added a lot of excitement to our days on the flats—we even had a 6X fishing tournament. The winner got 4X—no small feat—and had makeable casts at 6X.

Hooking six different trophy fish in one day may seem impossible. But the odds of the elusive Seis Equis tilt in your favor in Xcalak.