Thomas Jefferson was 33 when he wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence. Two of the original signers were in their mid-20’s and nine were under 35 years of age.  They were just a bunch of youngsters wanting their independence. Wanting to be young, and wild, and free.

Incredibly, Jefferson died on Independence Day as well – July 4, 1826 – along with his co-founder John Adams.  Jefferson was 83 and Adams was 90.  I guess that shows what living free will do for you.  Long live freedom!  

Our products are made from scratch, in America, with our hands.  They are made sustainably and with purpose.  We answer our own phones when you call.  And we speak human too. Everyone on the Bajío team has a stake in the company, and acts like it, which is another form of freedom and independence. We all depend on each other. And you can depend on us.

You can also depend on our retailers, the majority of which are small, independent companies. Mom and pops. The salt of the Earth. They’re the folks who help our communities become better, who invest in their own communities and who support them with wisdom, laughter and love. That’s pretty cool. We’re all about it. Our local retailers built their business on the American Dream. These businesses believe that everyone can succeed through hard work, and they place a passion for their business over simple convenience. Independence equates to freedom and opportunity for everyone. Even the small guys. 

Happy birthday, America! Let independence reign!!