Introducing our new collection: Temples of change

Two new designs are here! Introducing Temples of Change, a custom design with artist, Piper Nunn, and a mission to regenerate coral reefs.

Buy a pair of these rad shades and Bajío will plant a coral in your honor. Each coral will grow up to 5 square meters, helping us restore these vital ocean populations critical for fish life.


Piper painted two ocean-inspired designs for Bajío: one fish-focused design featuring repeating Permit tails on the inside arms of the Nato frame, and one habitat-focused design featuring beautiful Sea Fan Coral for the women’s Balam frame.

“I wanted to create designs based around coral reefs. Because Permit are dependent on coral for habitat, I wanted to portray the stark reality that without coral reefs there are no Permit.”

As for the coral design, Piper was inspired by ferns on a different trip. “At the time I created the artwork, I was doing an internship in Alaska, walking around beautiful fern-lined trails. Sea fan coral looks like underwater ferns, so this parallels that’s why I chose that type of coral for my design.”

Why coral matters

Ocean acidification is taking a toll on many of the reefs in the world. It causes the coral to bleach and die. Coral has two parts. One is the hard substrate, the other is the organisms that cover it. Bleaching occurs when the organisms leave and reveal the white substrate. It's like bees leaving a hive in a mass.

There are several likely causes - changes in climate, carbon levels rising, water pollution, and more. Sometimes the organisms come back, sometimes they don't. If they stay gone long, the reef they left is dead and cannot recover.

Coral replanting is an effort meant to replace the part of the reef that has died. The goal is to increase the number of living, healthy and diverse coral colonies to recover reef sites and their associated fauna, increasing the resilience and connectivity of coral reefs and generating, in parallel, benefits for local communities.