Make a big impact on the next generation of fly fishers with the Limited Edition Vega sunglasses with custom permit art by fishing guide and tattoo artist Casey Anderson. Part of Bajío’s Temples of Change program, when you buy a pair of shades, $20 from every purchase will go to Fish For Change to help fund youth scholarships for this life changing program. 

Why Buy the Limited Edition Vega?

When you buy this special pair of shades, not only are you getting a killer pair of polarized, blue light blocking sunglasses, you are also helping educate the next generation of changemakers in the fly fishing community. Get something cool while giving back!

“With your support you’re creating a lifechanging opportunity for a student who will potentially positively impact thousands of others in their lifetime,” smiles Heather.

Fish for Change

Fish for Change is a non-profit organization that uses fly-fishing as a platform to make the world a better place by uniting a diverse group of students in wild fisheries where they engage in a variety of initiatives that promote connection, education, conservation and exploration.

“At Fish For Change, the change that we see most is an internal change within the student, in the way they treat people and look at the world,” says F4C Executive Director and Bajío Odyssey Crew Member Heather Harkavy. “It’s a real eye opener for these teens.”

The takeaway is two-fold: youth fly fishers learn to become stewards of their environment, taking responsibility to protect the very resource that gives them so much; and, through cultural exchange, students connect with new people and places learning empathy and gaining a global perspective on how world how the world operates.