Bajío Trails

Your guide to diy fishing adventure

The Bajío Trails interactive app is your partner in DIY fishing adventures—connecting you to locals and fellow travelers who love to fish. Get out there, explore new waters and catch the fish of a lifetime on a budget with help of a community you create with this app. 

Like the Appalachian or Pacific Crest Trails is to hikers, Bajío Trails is to anglers. Bajío provides suggested route maps full of hand-picked recs for can’t miss towns with killer fishing, low-cost crash pads, cheap eats, epic watering holes, and local guides (and their extended families who all pitch in to accommodate you).

Until now, fishing adventure travel meant throwing down big bucks on 5-star lodges, expert guides and gourmet food. Fishing for cool species in exotic places was out of reach, for most. That’s why we created the Bajío Trails app—to give the rest of us a viable way to travel, fish and explore.  

We call it DIY fishing—the experience is rich, but you don’t have to be.

Bajío Trails takes the effort and guesswork out of trip planning while leaving plenty of room for detours and new adventures for you to share with other travelers along the way. 

The app provides the ammo—you call the shots.