Who they are -

Kayla Lockhart, a pint-sized, feather-flicking lady that you can hear from a mile away on any body of water she is fishing. If she hooks up you’ll hear it; if she pulls a hook or loses one at the boat you’re in for a laugh and some enthusiastic language. Her Bajío is yelling, laughing, casting, and crushing on rivers, lakes, and oceans around the world.

Where they fish -

Kayla can be caught swinging for steelhead out in the pacific northwest, chasing down DIY ditch carp in Arizona, and everywhere in between. She’s been with us to Mexico and fished all around Florida with the Bajio crew, her most notable catch a 150lb Holbox tarpon - one in which she fainted while fighting. It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog, and Kayla is a DOG!

What they wear (sunglasses) - 

Kayla’s big personality makes up for her smaller face, so her go-to frame is the Parasio in amber tort with a green mirror poly lens. Kayla also relies on our proprietary progressive prescription to spot fish, tie knots, and find her independent 4-legged companion Juniper often causing chaos on the banks of your local waterway. 

Why she’s on team Bajio-

Kayla exists to get you fishing. She travels the country, speaking, teaching, and leading groups of all kinds force feeding fishing as your parents forced you vegetables. No excuse can get you out of a day on the water with Kayla and she dedicates her time to volunteer with organizations like the Mayfly Project and All Kids Fish when she’s not roping saltwater species with us. 

Check out Kayla’s page @kayla__lockhart and shop some of her favorites below.

April 14, 2022 — Jonathan Riff