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The Turkos

Ambassador Spotlight

We’re excited to introduce Quentin and Stefan Turko. These two brothers from the Outer Banks do it all - Surf, Fish, Dive, - and they do it well.

They recently won the SPECKtacular trout shoutout (for the second year in a row). The week before we filmed them catching 50” cobia on their kayaks. No matter the weather, they’re out there, riding big waves or throwing big baits.

Meet Quentin

Quentin is a professional surfer and legit freediver. He recently shot a yellowfin close to 200 pounds off the west coast of Mexico in between major swells. He’s our go-to guy in the outer banks and will tell you himself - Stefan is the wild one.

Meet Stefan 

Stefan is one of those guys that gets bit. When everyone else is throwing cast after cast Stefan’s on his own, bowed up on something big. He’d never caught a redfish on fly, after 5 minutes on the water that was no longer applicable. As we all threw baits at schools of giant cobia off of Kitty Hawk it was no surprise Stefan hooked up first - Every. Single. Time.

These brothers are true bajio ambassadors, guys you don't want to fish against but you’d kill to fish with.