With the bus tattooed by one of the most talented tatoo guys around, it’s now time to name our panga. This involved lots of debate and discussion as well. Some thought “Miss Bajío” would be the right move. Same thought as before…need to get the name out, etc. But Al and Marg didn’t want to go that route. Jay had worked his tail off on the panga. Put his heart and soul in it. Inhaled quite a bit of fiberglass dust. Marg’s washer at home was clogged with white powder residue of the effort. They wanted to pay tribute to Jay.

We did some digging to find out what Jay’s mom’s name was. Jay had not known her since he was young. They lost touch when he went into foster care. But near the end of her life, they’d been reunited. He was there in Texas when she passed and is now living in the modest home she left for him. She meant the world to him, and it seemed a fitting gesture to name the panga after her. They approached Jay with the idea, and, after his eyes stopped watering, he gave his OK. Her name was Leonida and now it’s the name of our panga.