Seeing the Water Differently  

Out on the water, the sun is the biggest producer of blue light—causing harmful rays, haze, glare, eye strain, fatigue, and dramatically decreasing your fish spotting ability. Bajío’s proprietary LAPIS™ lens technology blocks out 95% of bad blue light— all while enhancing color, depth, contrast and letting the good light in. The result is radically clear vision for more productive fishing and fresh, healthy eyes after long days outside. 

The Science of Blue Light  

Part of the visible light spectrum, blue light is what’s seen by the human eye. Blue light has the shortest wavelength but the highest energy. Nearly a third of all visible light is blue light. Where does it come from? While our devices such as smartphones, tablets, monitors, and TVs all produce blue light, the largest source of blue light is the sun. 

Blue light isn’t all bad. In fact, it boosts alertness, elevates moods, and regulates circadian rhythms. However, bad blue light, which has the greatest energy and is the first half of the blue light spectrum, scatters when it enters the eye, not only causing haze and visual blur (which can severely inhibit your fishing game), but it can potentially damage retinal cells and cause vision problems such as macular degeneration. 

Health & Vision Benefits of Bajío Blue Light Blocking Sunglasses 

Offering eye protection for anglers with blue light-blocking glasses, Bajío shades are purpose-built to combat the negative effects of the sun’s rays, reducing glare and eye strain. Our eyes have specialized color receptors called cones that only process red, blue, and green light (RGB). The science behind making the clearest lenses on the planet is to manage the light that stimulates the cones for optimum visual clarity. Using proprietary LAPIS™ technology developed by experts with over 50 years of combined optical acumen, Bajío lenses block 95% of bad blue light (up to 445 nm)—the same light that damages your eyes and creates haze. 


Benefits of Bajío Blue Light Blocking in Fishing

Thanks to blue light-blocking Bajío sunglasses technology, this means no more hazy days, no more color interference and better protection of the eyes. Where do Bajío sunglasses land in the big picture? In comparison to the top 5 fishing sunglasses manufacturers, Bajio blocks significantly more bad blue light than anyone else—all while allowing in good light and brilliant color.

In addition to protecting your vision, Bajío lenses open up a crisper, clearer, more color-enhancing, and shape-defining view of the world around you with increased contrast so you can see movement and color differentiation—all enhancing the fishing experience. Is that a rock below the skiff, or a monster? Is that a wind riffle or the big one you’ve been waiting for about to surface? Sight fish like a pro. Look down into the water column and spot fish against the bottom. In Bajíos, find where the reef ends and the deep blue begins. When you can see more, you can catch more. 

Try Bajío’s blue light-blocking sunglasses on your next fishing adventure. Seeing (clearly) is believing.