There have been expeditions to the mysterious deep—bottomless oceanic trenches with otherworldly luminescent creatures. Some believe the oceanic depths are the only parts of our watery world left to explore.

We believe otherwise. Much of what remains to be discovered is not deeply out of reach, but in plain sight on the flats.

Our expedition seeks to find and catalog the world’s saltwater flats; study them; identify problems; and develop plans to address the environmental issues they face.

Our goal is to make a difference and leave things better than we found them.

The flats face many challenges. They are rich in resources that companies exploit for profit, many times without regard for the future health of the environment. They are recipients of our trash, as ocean currents deposit debris from cruise ships, garbage barges, and land-based dumps to their shores. The flats are on the front lines of climate change, as they're at sea level and witness the effects of rising tides before the rest of us.