Bajío Sunglasses

College Ambassadors

We want to learn about the fishing scene at your school. Where do you go? What do you catch? And what's the fishing community like at your school?

Program Purpose

With your help, we're going to put together a complete guide to fishing at schools around the country in order to help high school seniors make a decision on where they'll spend their next 4 years. We're building a platform where anyone can read and watch about fishing at their prospective schools, because if fishing is your passion it should play a role in where you go to school. 

What Do Our Ambassadors Do?

Share their fishery. Write us a blog post about the fishing scene at your university. Make a quick video showing us your fishing routine. Is there a local lake with laid-up largemouth? Is there a micro tarpon ditch across the street? Is there a Dam down the road holding monster rainbows? 

Tell us about your fishery, and we’ll do our best to come see it. We plan on throwing events around the country and will need your help! Apply below and you could be selected as a 2022-2023 Bajío College Ambassador

What Do Our Ambassadors Get

  • 1 pair of Shades ($250)
  • 2 50% codes for 2 additional pairs
  • Discounted and free Bajío gear
  • Promotional items
  • Published blog on Bajío website
  • Special deals and discounts with partner brands