What do you do when your nose goes on strike? Picket. 

Odds favor, your father figure taught you everything you know about being outdoors. In return, you put up with the bad jokes, limited cooking options and an endless array of stories about walking to school barefoot in the snow. 

But you’ll always remember the first time he put a fishing rod in your hand, let you help catch bait, drive the boat or land a fish. For the rest of your life you’ll carry those lessons about the outdoors that drive your passion and help mold you into the person you are now. Some, day, you’ll pass that wisdom and knowledge on to your kids.

One day, you’ll wake up, say something corny and think, “damn, I’ve turned into my dad.” And you’ll realize all the sacrifices he made, the wisdom he shared and the love he bestowed on his family. 

Before you know it, you’ll be the one saying, “Hi hungry, I’m dad.”

So here’s to all the fathers, step fathers, and father figures who taught us about fishing and being outdoors. Who set the fires in our hearts that added stoke to our lives and flushed water through our gills. You’re more fishy today because your father figure took the time to point you towards the water.

Father’s Day is coming. It’s the 16th of June, in case you’re so broke you can’t afford to pay attention. We’ve got some great gifts for the outdoorsman dads. Things that’ll make their lives a lot easier, more fun and possibly even better their outdoor experiences. Things that will remind him of the connection between the two of you and the outdoors.

Wisdom comes from experience, and odds favor the father figure in your life was the one who set you on your course to be a fishing Jedi. Whether he took you fishing for the first time or the last, you can enhance he rest of his outdoor experiences with some cool gear from Bajío.

From telling corny jokes to sponsoring your fast food habits, dad’s been there for you. So this Father’s Day, let’s tip a few cold ones with the old man as he waxes poetic on past fishing trips from the comfort of his personal recliner. 

It’s just a matter of time before you’re the one changing diapers, humping all the gear and slinging zingers at the crumb snatchers around your feet. So why not build some more great outdoor memories with the Daddy-O before he’s loses some of his go-go. 

Shop our Father’s Day Guide and gift your dad some new memories. 


For The Dadmiral

Give him that look for authority with a pair of our new Sigs frames for medium size heads. Go with the Ivory Tort Gloss color to throw some style into his command, and silver mirror lenses so you’re never sure exactly what (or who) he’s looking at.

12 South

For The Daddy-O

Throw some old school cool at the man who still makes shorts that hang down past your knees look stylish. Large sized whiskey fade colored frames with grey glass lenses will go well with his old time rock and roll dance moves and longboarding style. *Expect him to wear them inside when he’s “whiskey fading.”


For The DIY King

Mover, shaker, party maker and the one person who can get your truck running when you dunked it at the ramp, dad will show some pearlies in our large sized Hopedale Frames. From bad boy black gloss to green mango, our frame colors will match his personality and pep all the way to the fishing club meeting.

Bales Beach

For The Popsicle

Dad’ll be more accommodating next time you ask to borrow the boat if’n he’s remembering who gave him those cool-ass green stripe matte Bales Beach shades that are getting him double-takes at the diner. Match up these large sized frames with some Rose Mirror lenses so he can spot a fish or ten before you happen to point them out. 

Piedra Readers

For The Popperoni

Here’s the answer to all those fish you lose because dad’s knots tend to pull out: our medium sized Piedra Readers in 1.5, 2.0 or 2.5 power. Match them up with some blue mirror lenses so he can also effectively navigate with the GPS or read a text by himself. Yup, you can give him the gift of seeing everything clearly, even the little things in life. 

Vega RX

For the Dadinator

Yeah, we know dad can’t see worth a damn. That’s why we make all our sunglass styles in prescription, but we think our large fit Vega frames with wide temples will let everyone know not to spot jump because “he’ll be back.” You can give dad a new world view with the clearest lenses on the planet.

Kings Collection Hats

For The Roadmaster

Wherever he goes, dad will be a fat cat in a cool hat with any of these sweet, stylish brims from our Kings Collection. The fish of kings (black marlin, bluefin tuna and steelhead) for the world traveler, international lover and last of the big time spenders.

Performance Hoodies

For The Hug Master

Keep the old guy cool in the summer heat while protecting his skin from the cut-happy dermatologists. These UPF 40 LS shirts are antimicrobial, and super comfortable and come in four designs (bass, marlin, dorado and tarpon) by in-house artist Casey Anderson.   

Clipz Keepers

For The Snoozy Warden

Let’s face it, dad’s memory isn’t what it used to be, but he won’t have to tear the house apart looking for his sunglasses, because if they’re not on his face, they’re around his neck. We’ve got wire and silicone options for the dad who tends to randomly nap his way around.                          

All Bajío products are made from scratch; designed and assembled in New Smyrna Beach, FL by people who believe in their work and take quality personally. 

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"I am in love with these glasses. They are perfect for fishing. I recommend these sunglasses to everyone!!!"
Customer reviews
“Bajio is the best glass that I have put on in a long time. They are crisp and the polarization is great. Thank you for a great product.”
Customer reviews
"Excellent! Easy to order, quick delivery. Outstanding sunglasses. Super clear lens and perfect fit."