Bajío Sunglasses

Hook Dad Up This Father's Day

Limited quantities of matching tees available, get 'em before they crawl away!

When his kids are the only thing Dad loves more than fishing (and even that’s questionable), gift him a pair of Bajíos for Father’s Day. Shipping’s on us through June 18th.

He’ll love the fact that you know him so well you’ve made it your Dad’s Day mission is to get him fishin’ (and catchin’) with the ultimate angler’s tool— Bajío’s killer polarized shades with proprietary blue light blocking LAPIS technology. With reduced glare and haze, Pops will be able to spot fish more clearly and easily while protecting his eyes from harmful rays. Check out our Father’s Day Gift Guide and hook him up!


For the Pops who’s ready to party 

Named after the Prohibition-era social clubs built at sea in Biscayne Bay, Florida, these XL fit, full-wrap polarized shades are ready for hardcore fishing and perpetual party going. Tie one on (a fly that is) and tip one back in Stiltsville.

Las Rocas

For the Dad after award-winning status

Las Rocas polarized sunglasses are a solid choice for the angler that wants every available advantage. ICAST’s Best Of award winner, these oversized frames protect eyes with complete coverage and vented side shields, reducing glare off the water and overall light intrusion without fogging up. 

Bales Beach

For the bigtime fishing fanatic Father 

The large fit, full coverage Bales Beach features blue light blocking polarized lenses, a sun-blocking 8-base wrap design, and built in vented rubber side shields and temple tips for a no-slip snug fit—so you’re ready when the action hits. 


For the Dad who travels off the beaten path

In the heart of Shipwreck Island, there’s a winter fishing spot where the water gets cold and clear the bull redfish get massive—so big in girth they are endearingly referred to as Toads. When the midday sun warms up the skinny water, be ready for the action in full-wrap Toads.


For the Papa who loves a popularity contest

Bajío’s best-seller, Vega is our most popular polarized sunglass style. This big, bold, aggressive full wrap features wide temples to block sun and get it done. Large fit, durable yet lightweight bio-based frames protect your eyes by placing them in a veritable cocoon ready to laser focus on the task at hand. 


For the rock of the family

Piedra means rock or stone in Spanish. This medium fit, wide body design with full 8-base wrap, lightweight yet durable bio-based nylon frames and polarized, blue light blocking lenses is the ticket for your rock when it comes to all day performance on the water.


For the Father who likes to make a statement

A bold, squared statement frame that employs oversized temples to block sidelight and keep the focus on what’s in front of you, the Nato offers polarized lenses with proprietary LAPIS technology to slice through glare for better fish-spotting while preventing eye fatigue.