Happy Labor Day everybody!

Labor Day means a lot to us at Bajío.  

Happy Labor Day weekend!

Not just because we get an extra day for fishing and cookouts, but because of what it stands for.

In 1894, Labor Day was made a national holiday by President Grover Cleveland.  

The goal was to celebrate the American worker and the labor movement.  

The reason the labor movement had to happen was that there was a hard line separating owners and the laborers they employed.  

Employees were considered a means to increasing owners’ wealth.  

In many cases, this led to poor treatment of workers.  

So, they had to organize to protect themselves.  

It was an us-against-them relationship, and much of this continues today.

When we started Bajío, we wondered why it had to be that way.  

Couldn’t we all share in the upside?  

Wouldn’t that create a better company?  

The answer…hell yeah!  

So that’s what we did.  

We made everyone who works at Bajío an owner.  

We gave everyone a piece of the pie.

Being a company of owners, creates a culture in which we are all driven to go the extra mile and to work together to get there.  

We’re motivated to build something we can be proud of - because we own it.  

For us, our work is not laborious.  

It’s a labor of love.  

And we hope that shows.

Happy Labor Day everybody!