PD Instructions

How to get your PD

Option 1: Call your eye care professional 

This information as it is often part of your comprehensive eye exam and required for eyeglass fabrication. 

Record this number on your prescription before sending to us. 

Option 2: Send a pic and we’ll measure for you. 

Have someone take the pic or take a selfie. If someone takes the photo it should be 3-4 feet away. Selfies with arm fully extended out.

Hold a credit card, or any card of exact size, against forehead, above your eyes and across your eyebrows. Align card straight, vertically & horizontally. The card should not be angled.

Look straight ahead and into the distance. Eyes wide open (do not look up or down). 

IMPORTANT: All corners of credit card must be visible and the card should not be held on an angle.