Buy Shades - Get Free Fishing Tools

Get nippy with our nifty free line cutters. Limited time only.

We’re partnering with Post Fly to get you fully prepped for summer fishing. For a limited time, get a FREE pair of Clear Cut Pro Nippers ($45 value) with any full priced sunglass purchase.

Save your teeth and ditch those rusty pliers…..while supplies last. Designed for clean precision cutting with a non-slip grip for when you inevitably get slimed, the Clear Cut Pro Nippers will keep your knots looking sharp all while sparing your wallet.

Meet the Nipper

This guide-level aluminum nipper is designed to withstand the elements and act fast. Featuring an improved surface grip for quick activation, replaceable tungsten carbide teeth for clean precision cutting, and a lanyard for swift access. Use these to snip leader or tippet tag ends - just don’t use it on your fingernails.