Gift with Purchase, For a Purpose

This holiday season we want to give back to the shallows— the nurseries of our oceans also known as bajíos in Spanish. Our goal is to clean, plant and protect these shallows by partnering with those who share our mission.

When you buy a pair of sunglasses, you’ll receive a free gift and so will our shallows. Choose one of three limited edition Camp Cups with original art by our resident tattoo artist Casey Anderson and Bajío will give back to the cause of your choice.

Here’s How It Works

Buy a pair of Bajío sunglasses

At checkout, choose one of three causes you’d like to support: ocean trash removal, mangrove planting, or oyster planting

Get a FREE Camp Cup with your purchase (featuring a different design for each cause)

Bajío will give a gift to our shallows: a cleanup, a tree, or an oyster reef 

Buy a Pair. Get a Gift. Give a gift.

Learn More About Your Cup’s Featured Critters & Our Partner Programs

4Ocean Loggerhead Sea Turtle Camp Mug 

When you buy a pair of shades, not only will you get a 4Ocean Loggerhead Sea Turtle Camp Mug designed by Casey Anderson, but Bajío will also help pull 1 lb of plastics from our ocean, rivers, and coastlines through 4Ocean.

About Your Cup’s Critter

Loggerhead Sea Turtles nest in our backyard in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. This threatened species feeds on crab and conch, both found in the shallows. They are distinguished by their large, log-like heads and heart shaped carapace with five lateral scutes. The sex of the hatchlings is mostly determined by the temperature of the nest, with warmer temperatures producing females and cooler temperatures producing males. Our Volusia County beaches are important because the white quartz sand is slightly cooler than the beaches further south, thereby producing many of the males necessary for the survival of the species. Loggerhead Sea Turtles are adversely effected by the growing problem of ocean trash, so we’re partnering with 4Ocean to remove plastics from our waters and give them a better chance.

MANG Squirrel Treefrog Camp Cup

When you buy a pair of shades, not only will you get a MANG Squirrel Treefrog Camp Mug designed by Casey Anderson, but Bajío will also plant a mangrove to aid in eco-restoration through MANG.

About Your Cup’s Critter

The Squirrel Treefrog is found in the mangroves in Bajío’s home at New Smyrna Beach and throughout Florida and The Keys. These tiny little 1-inch frogs with sticky toepads have a duck-like call (listen here) and feed on small insects. They live in trees (hence the name) and especially like pine-oak forests and mangroves. During periods of rain, they migrate toward shallow bodies of water to mate and reproduce, which is why healthy mangroves and shallows are both so important to this species.

Toadfish Bull Shark Camp Cup

When you buy a pair of shades, not only will you get a Toadfish Bull Shark Camp Cup designed by Casey Anderson, but Bajío will also help plant oyster reefs to help clean our coastal waters through Toadfish.

About Your Cup’s Critter

There is a Bull Shark nursery is in Mosquito Lagoon right behind our founder Al’s house. Bull sharks enter the lagoon to give birth and protect their young pups until they grow big enough to migrate to the ocean. The pups eventually find their way to Ponce Inlet, neighboring Bajío’s home town of New Smyrna Beach which has earned the reputation of “shark bite capital of the world.” Usually these bites are a case of mistaken identity. Statistically, sharks have more to fear then we do. Fewer than 20 people die from shark attacks worldwide while upwards of 20 million sharks will die through fishing and bi-catch. By restoring oyster beds with Toadfish, we are helping to preserve and protect our shallows where the Bull Sharks’ lives begin.