A Bajío Take On Enjoying Spring Break

March is when sun seekers and water Jeti’s get together for the Spring Fling, and no one does fun in the sun like Florida. We know, since we’re headquartered just a short bike ride in the sand from Daytona Beach.

From sunny beach days to late night parties and the early morning walk of shame, when it comes to Spring Break, we want you to be at your best. And you can do it all in trendsetting style with some of our newest shades and apparel for Spring Break 2024.

We know you’re here to cut a path, catch some waves and burn some memories into the back of your medulla, and we’ve got the right gear to protect your eyes and your coconut, while at the same time inspiring a rich new look at the world around you. From sunglasses that’ll leave everyone wondering where you’re eyes are looking, to flat-brimmed hats with beastly patterns to keep you shaded, we put the fun into playing in the sun.

So whether you’re cruising the sand, carving a wave, firing off a cast or blasting music on the sandbar, we’ve got the great gear to make this Spring Break plaster your social feed. So dig in, dig out, and dig it. Spring Break 2024 is here!

Him: Sigs

For The Water Warrior

Let the sun shine while you cast your line sporting a pair of medium-fit full wrap Sigs with narrow temples and pin hinges for comfort. Go with a mirrored lens to prevent getting caught staring or showing those red eyes from sleep deprivation or the prior nights’ imbibation. Keep a straight face, and no one will know you’re if you’re awake or sleeping.

Her: Rigolets

For The Wild Child

You’re the one who brightens everyone’s day, so let us add a little color to your world with our small-fit, full wrap Rigolets frames. Hit the town dressed up or down in the brown tortoise gloss frames, or if you want to contrast that tan and rock the sundress, slide on the white/silver matte frame. You’ll be full of grace with Rigolets on your face!

Her: Soldado

For The Sunny Bunny

Time to shed your winter white and brown that bod like a biscuit. And nothing goes with a suntan and bleached out hair like a sexy pair of Soldado aviators. Go with the rose gold/rose mirror lens for the casual elegant look or silver and black fade/silver mirror lens for the bad girl that cuts a wide path. Either way, show some pearlies to set your style and let the guys try to figure what your eyes are focused on.

Him: Hopedale

For The Sand Sculpture

Whether you’re kicked back in a beach chair or skateboarding to the taco shop, the flat bridge and classic squared lens of our Hopedale shades will let you square off your jaw as you pound down that pint. These large fit, medium wrap frames come in a variety of colors from bold to blatant, depending on your mood.

Her: Snipes

For The Island Stylist

Grab a little Caribbean soul to go with that new tan in a pair of light blue matte colored Snipes aviators. Whether you’re rolling down the avenue in shorts and flip flops or bikini clad on a beach towel, these pastel colored frames will light up your style and personality. Go with the dark grey or blue mirror lenses to hide your eyes and add some mystery to your expression.

Him: 12 South

For Old School Cool

Whether you’re a longboarder or a ho-daddy, you’ll bring out that smile with the classic style of Bajío’s 12 South frames that fit so many faces and names. Check out the whiskey fade colored frames for laid back lounging or the blue/crème gloss frames when you want to be on stage. Day or night, you can rock these shades with our low-light rose or violet mirror lenses.

Him: Stiltsville RX

For The Rebel With A Cause

Good guy meets barfly in our Stiltsville RX shades named after a handful of prohibition nightclubs out in the middle of the bay. Match your current prescription to any of seven Bajío lens options as you hit the sandbar in the classic black or tortoise frames or the edgier grey tort matte or green stripe matte frame colors. You control the narrative, and the curfew and dawn is just the start of a new day.

Her: Eldora RX

For The Classic Girl

Rolling down the beach with the top down or picking up someone’s bad throw and firing back a perfect spiral, just watch those jaws drop as you rock their world in a pair of aqua/light green gloss Eldora frames with prescription lenses. You’ll need those prescriptions later that day when ordering lunch from the food truck for everyone in the crew or picking something sweet and sassy from the specialty drink menu.

Bajío hats

The Brim’s In

We’ve slept on enough couches and surfed enough breaks to know the key to evading a bad hair day is to befriend a hat. But it can’t be just any hat. It has to say something about you and your lifestyle, which is why we had resident tattoo artist Casey Anderson design our options. Casey sees everything from the first timers to the coveted canvas, and he’s put together a series that will match your personality. One warning, don’t take it off, because if you do, there’s someone in the room that will snatch your style.


Keep It Close

One thing we know about Bajío polarized sunglasses is that if you put them down, they gone. Someone will glip them, smash them or relocate them to your dismay, which is why you need a good set of keepers so you can leave your shades strapped to your neck when they’re not on your face. We’ve got some cool and comfortable Keepers—adjustable in silver wire or blue mono, clip on Keepers in black wire and silicone Keepers in light blue. Take your pick and nap securely knowing your shades will be there when you wake.