Balam Coral Reef Rx Frame

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  • Full, 8-base wrap design for light-blocking performance
  • Generous non-slip rubber nose pads
  • Choice of 6 lens colors in polycarbonate
  • Rubber temple tips for snug fit
  • Made from plant-based material that bio-degrades more easily and is gentler on our oceans
  • All lenses are polarized and include proprietary LAPIS technology that blocks blue light, making them radically clear
  • Oleophobic lens coatings reduce scratching and make cleaning easier
  • Lens Material: Polycarbonate

Fishable fashion meets Bajío’s passion—ocean conservation—in this Limited Edition Balam. Featuring full coverage, 8-base, tortoise-leopard frames and turquoise arms adorned with hand-painted Sea Fan Coral by fly fishing artist Piper Nunn, show your support for coral reef restoration in the Yucatán with your new Balam shades.

Part of the Temples of Change program, buy this Balam and Bajío will plant one coral colony in Xcalak, Mexico to help combat coral bleaching and restore the Mesoamerican Reef through Oceanus, A.C. You pay the same price as our regular sunglasses and Bajío contributes $20 per pair—the cost it takes to plant and maintain one coral. Oceanus has planted 6,000 corals in Xcalak to date, each growing from approximately 3cm to 1m in just 7 years (which is extremely fast for coral growth). The positive impact is huge in a relatively short time. Join us in an effort to save the reef and the species that call it home with your Balam purchase.

“Without healthy coral reefs, fish lose their habitat,” explains Nunn. “These coral designs help keep ocean conservation top of mind while taking tangible action to restore our coral reefs.”