Who they are -

Born in Colorado Jesse left his trout obsession behind at a young age, going rogue on a long-shot Mexican venture. Jesse bought a small bnb in southern Mexico called Tierra Maya. He converted it into a full-scale fishing lodge, built an incredible team of caretakers, guides, and clients, and is now building a family of his own with a little one on the way. The Xflats is a dream destination, not only is the fishing spectacular but the allure around the lodge itself and everyone that works is hard to put down on paper. The X is an anglers paradise and the place you dream of one-day fishing. We were lucky enough to visit the Xflats in an effort to refine our brand, our product, and our mindset - it was a success. 

Where they fish - 

Jesse is a flats predator, and feared in his new hometown of Xcalak by both bonefish and their fork-tailed companions. The flats of southern Mexico are unique in that you can target everything, everywhere. Permit and triggerfish cruise the reef, bonefish pick through the shore, tarpon cruise the edges, and rogue snook lay waiting under the dense overgrowth. In this zone you’ve got to be prepared - 12 and 16-pound tippet for bonefish and permit with a backup broomstick fixed with 40 or 60 awaiting a bruiser snook or tarpon. Jesse even managed a shallow water cobia a few years back just behind the lodge. He fishes a dream zone, and he fishes it well. 

What they wear - 

Jesse knows one pair can’t do it all. For intense situations and 1 shot permit opportunities he sports the Vega, one of our fishiest frames named after a Mexican legend. However, when he’s winding down and watching the sunset or rounding up the lodge pups with a cocktail in hand he’s almost always wearing our Calda in brown tortoise. It's important to note, through all this one thing, stays the same “Rose mirror for the W” - JC. 

Why he’s on team Bajío

Jesse brings the passion we all have for the sport, but he wears it on his sleeve. He’s fun to fish with, dialed in on the flats, but can still get it hot in the palapa after a long day on the water. If Bajío were a person we imagine they’d be something like Jesse, living off the grid, chasing fish, and enjoying the small things in life like a well-tied rag head or a warm summer sunset. He shares our vision and is lucky enough to live it. 

August 10, 2021 — Captains & Cowboys