Here's to all the mothers

The badasses, the fighters, the great protectors, the educators,  the tireless workers, the givers of life who have to be on their A-game every day. The ones who bring true meaning to our lives. They’re also the ones who carve waves, flip worms, spearfish and ride the tides in suntanned bikini’d exhaustion.So let’s take this day to appreciate all the moms out there. 

SOLDADO With Rose Mirror Lenses

For The Navigator

From sandbar to grass flat, put the hip into running that whip with these aviator-style frames with rose mirror lenses.

Light Blue Snipes With Violet Mirror Lenses

For The Sandbar Wader

Bring reality into the dream with spectacular color as you walk the flats and miss nothing that moves. 

Paraiso Frames In Pink Tortoise

For The Heartbreaker & Dream Maker

Whether ripping around town with the top down or running the inlet full send, everyone will know she's in charge. 

Go from salt-soaked to silky elegance when the sun hits the frames just right and show off the badass in your A-game!

Chelem In Lavender

For The Stream Queen

Roll from the put in to the pull out in style and technicolor with Bajío’s new lavender Chelem frames.

Whether rowing against the current or firing a tight loop under a branch, these cool new frames will have the stream jockeys doing double-takes as you set the hook and tell your husband to, “grab the net.”

Cometa In Pink

For The Day Tripper & Lip Ripper

Throw some style into your smile on your run deep into the backcountry where only you, the mosquitos, and a handful of fish are locals.

Then fire off that first cast to a fish that has never seen a human before, much less one sitting pretty in pink. But they’ll know you well when the line comes tight.

Pink Silicone Keepers

For The Tower Spotter

With the wind in your face and salt on your body, you can move around the tuna tower with comfort knowing if your glasses come off, you’ll still retain them with a set of Bajío Keepers.

Glasses on or glasses off, you’ve they’re always nearby when there’s a safety chord strapped around your neck.

Lavender Tarpon Hat

For The Dawn To Dusker

Stay cool as you work the flats, channels and river mouths to show the silver king who rules the castle.

Pink & Blue Crab Hat

Whether you’re feeling crabby or just want to give someone a pinch, you can keep the crust off with this hat.